Wednesday, April 24, 2013

RECAP: Summertime Dropouts Appearances on New Music Inferno

Just in case you missed them, here are the two appearances of Summertime Dropouts on New Music Inferno, hosted by John Rankin:

First appearance on May 31, 2012
(first segment starting at the beginning)

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Second appearance on April 10, 2013
(second segment starting at 59:31)

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Summertime Dropouts Interviewed by Bryan Stars

Summertime Dropouts stop off in Lincoln, Nebraska for a wild and zany interview with YouTube sensation Bryan Stars of Bryan Stars Interviews. Danny ends up in a very compromising situation, Dave tells the story of his latest felony involving the corkscrew from a pocket knife, Josh does his famous "Stork" and Steve talks about his cliffhanger and how he earned the nickname "Chief Brown Bottom." You do NOT want to miss it!

Stop by Bryan's channel and let him know how you enjoyed the interview:

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summertime Dropouts World News Update #1

In the grand tradition of news greats like Jimmy Fallon, Dennis Miller, Tina Fey and Chevy Chase, Dave Erickson and Josh Stoll take a moment out of their hectic 3 a.m. schedule to provide an update on new and exciting developments from the world of Summertime Dropouts.

This should be a fairly regular occurrence, so drop by our YouTube channel for more updates going forward. Our next update will include some BIG news which should have you all doing handstands and back flips in a straight jacket from a tightrope suspended over the Grand Canyon! Enjoy the video:

Thursday, July 19, 2012

So What Happened With The Summertime Dropouts Video Promotion Campaign?

Full Time Cutie Screen Shot
The Full Time Cutie video is performing very well through our video promotion team. After about 5 weeks, we've picked up quite a few outlets including some major scores - MTV Latin America & Much Music (Canada's version of MTV). The video is being solicited to MTV (U.S.) and their affiliates this week.

Here's the rundown:
  • MTV Latin America - No solid details on this one yet regarding potential viewership. But this is one of our biggest scores so far.
  • Much Music ("Canada's MTV," if you will) - No solid details on this one yet regarding potential viewership either. But this is the other of our two biggest scores so far!
  • VidDream - 2.3 million potential viewers in Delaware, Baltimore and Philadelphia
  • Video Hits - 800,000 potential viewers in Rochester, Syracuse and Buffalo, NY
  • ScreenPlay - services music video reels which go to over 25,000 prominent retailers, nightclubs and restaurants in the U.S. and Canada, including Macys, Ikea, Rentway and Goltshalcks. This in-store airplay and nightlife exposure leads over 300 million impressions a month! Added to the Nightlife reel.
  • VME Media - 5 million potential viewers per month via this retail video pool based in Las Vegas, NV which provides content to major electronics stores, restaurants, hotels, nightclubs and other retail outlets in Nevada and California. Included on the Pulse TV Network.
  • Bad Taste - 1 million potential viewers in Rhode Island
  • Evision/Billboard DJ - Unknown potential viewers. Supplies content to Southern California area nightclubs: Encounters, Pasadena and House of Blues on Sunset. Additional content is supplied to Princess Cruise Lines as well as Wet Seal and Arden B retail outlets.
  • Eye Music Network - A 24/7 channel via satellite that reaches around 5.2 million households. Eye Music Network was created in response to a perceived need for a broad ranging, reliable, wide variety, and multi-genre video music channel to satisfy the unmet demand of the 18-50 year old audience.
  • Power Play Music TV - Power Play has 17.8 million potential viewers on broadcast and cable TV in over 40 states.
  • California Music Channel - CMC is one of the longest running and most successful local music video services in the country. California Music Channel, launched March 1, 1982, is broadcast live Monday through Friday from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. and on Saturday night from 12:30 to 1:00 a.m. on KTSF-TV Channel 26 and Digital 26.1& 26.2 San Francisco. This outlet has a viewership of 450,000 potential viewers throughout the Bay area.
  • The Sound Chamber - (Formerly The Groove Zone) Airs rock and alternative vids. Airs on Denver Open Media Channel 58. 800,000+ potential viewers.
  • The Indie Music Video Show - 11 million potential viewers in fifteen markets across the country including Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Milwaukee and St. Louis and is broadcast in various day and night parts, as well as being featured on various on demand outlets. The Indie Music Video Show is a half an hour weekly show seen on Comcast, Time Warner and Cox systems.
  • Style-City Music Presents - An Independent Music Video program, broadcast in the Greater Tampa Bay area, on 5 local cable stations.
  • - new streaming video portal for the popular Canadian broadcast channel featuring the best and most popular videos on their channel. This exposure leads to international impact. The video will be featured on Fresh Videos throughout the next two months.
  • - recently merged with and increased its potential audience by an additional 500,000 unique visitors per month.
  • - a popular rock music oriented music website that receives over 40,000 unique visitors each month. The writers pride themselves in presenting new, unique and exciting new music top their readers.
  • - popular way for savvy internet users to connect with, find, follow and share real time video streams from numerous popular online video sources.
  • - created for music lovers to share Music Videos, Lyrics, and Chat with other fans with the same interest.
  • - an Internet Television company based in San Diego, California, allows users to find and watch major studio content, independent productions and user-generated material.
  • 9:30 Club (Nightclub in Washington, D.C.) - has been "spinning" the video and the clip is in regular rotation.
  • Moviesonline.ima free online movie collection with a variety of music videos.
  • - popular online music destination that features music videos from all genres.
So, all in all, not much! ;o)

Full Time Cutie Video Featured on Bryan Stars' YouTube Channel

The Full Time Cutie video caught the attention of new media sensation Bryan Stars and was posted to his YouTube channel earlier today.

Visit the page to view the VIDEO as well as all the awesome responses from Bryan Stars' subscribers!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Canada's MuchMusic Picks Up Full Time Cutie Video

The video campaign for Full Time Cutie races forward. On top of the news a little over a week ago about the video being picked up by MTV Latin America, we received some huge news late Friday that hits a little bit closer to home!

Canada's MuchMusic has picked up the video for both broadcast and online exposure. In the words of our video promoter, "they've taken quite a liking to the video." Many Americans might not know much about MuchMusic. Launched in 1984 and commonly, but perhaps not too affectionally, referred to as the MTV of Canada, MuchMusic is a television channel devoted to music.

We're very excited about this news. Our label (Voluminous Records) stated that this is exactly the type of news we've been waiting for before approaching the big wigs at MTV (U.S.). Of course, MTV itself doesn't show many videos anymore, but some of their affiliates do: mtvU, etc. We're hoping to receive love from MTV and/or some of their affiliates.

The campaign keeps rolling. And we thank you for your continued support!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summertime Dropouts Mega Bundle Pack Winners Announced

The winners of the three Mega Bundle Packs from Summertime Dropouts were announced last night. The top three contestants below each one one of the three packs.

Up for grabs was three Mega Bundle Packs, each including a Summertime Varsity T-Shirt, a signed "Rewind" CD, a signed poster, a SD logo sticker and a limited edition 3-piece button collector's set including the images of lead singer Dave Erickson, lead guitarist Danny Knoblock and Rhythm guitarist Josh Stoll.

The top 7 point totals from contestants include:

1. 65 points by Courtney Fletcher
2. 55 points by Kira Apps
3. 55 points by Iain Moss
4. 53 points by Stephanie Exendine
5. 51 points by Lanae Olson
6. 45 points by Haya Suror
7. 39 points by Elena Frye

Check out Facebook for more details!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Celebrate the Fourth of July with Danny and Mark!

Greetings Dropouts! Happy Fourth of July!

On this day we celebrate freedom, liberty and the ideals upon which this nation was founded. We also celebrate fun, food and good times. In the spirit of this day, Danny and Mark would personally like to wish you a happy holiday!

From Danny:

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And from Mark:

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Celebrate July 4th with Dave Erickson & Josh Stoll!

Dave and Josh are dope, yo! We're wishing you a happy Fourth of July! Be safe! But first, watch this fresh new video from ya homies...

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Big News From The Video Promotion Campaign!

Big News!

As the video campaign continues to roll along, we've just gotten word that the video for "Full Time Cutie" has been picked up by MTV Latin America.

MTV Latin America is distributed via satellite, cable, and other terrestrial distribution through a network of three different feeds in Argentina, Colombia and Mexico.

The majority of viewers are between the ages of 14 and 34. The average age of viewers is 18 years, with the majority of the audience being older. About 76% of viewers belong to the middle to upper class. As well, the channel notes a large number of viewers are university students. Moreover, according to a study conducted by TGI Latina in 2004, MTV Latin America’s audience is 57% male and 43% female.